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Monday, 30 June 2014

Arrange cupcake theme parties this season

The cupcake theme parties are very popular, especially for first birthdays. However, they are suitable for all age groups. Little girls love cupcakes and their favourite colour is pink. You can combine them to call cupcake party games.

You can place an order for cupcakes online. You can make cupcake birthday invitations, take part in the cupcake party games and of course have plenty of cupcakes. Give each guest one of these delicacies and another to be taken home. This will help to make your party a huge success.

While placing an order for cupcakes online, you can go for cupcake shaped piƱata that is filled with balloons, small toys and sweets. You can also make them yourself; they do not take very long to be made though you need some days to allow it to get dry. Begin to make these a week before so that they are ready well before they are needed. You can decorate them as you want.

There are various games played with cupcakes. You can purchase fabric versions of these but homemade copies are infinitely better as they allow children to show off their decorative skills. Draw a cupcake on a piece of paper and decorate it with lots of sparkles and colours. This is a fun game and is perfect for lots of these parties. Children love these games. Decorating them can also be a party activity.

If you want to keep your little guests occupied, you can place an order for cupcakes online and allow them to frost or decorate cupcakes. Make a batch of these, have bowls of different colours and sprinkles and simply go wild!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tips to find the best online cupcake outlet

cupcakes online

You can try out many good dishes if you are a foodie. In the age of technological advancement, it is possible to locate almost everything online. If you are fond of desserts, you can find an array of sites to help with preparing these dishes or buying one from a chosen outlet.

Gone are times when it was very difficult to find services or products of choice. With rapid technological advancement, it is possible to order any service or product online. Services are so improved nowadays that you can even place an order for cupcakes online and savour the delicacy sitting at home. This was almost unthinkable even a few years before.

Thousands of outlets are available online where you can place an order for cupcakes. This is no doubt a great indication. However, with the good, bad comes running along. The bad is, as there are so many online cupcake outlets, which one should you opt for? The answer to this question can also be found online. An online outlet that stocks great recipes, flavours and enjoys a great rank in different search engines will certainly prove to be a great option to buy cupcakes online. Usually if a number of visitors hit a given site, it enjoys a dominant position in search result. You can also go through the content available on a given website.

Last but definitely not the least, also have a look at the feedback and reviews to know about the quality of product or service on offer. If you can keep the above discussed points in mind while choosing an outlet for cupcakes online, you will certainly grab great result.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tips to decorate cupcakes on Christmas

cupcakes london

Christmas cupcakes help to add festive touch while appealing a large cross section of individuals, both young as well as old. Cupcakes are quite simple not just to bake but to decorate as well. They can be made into a project that the whole family can enjoy jostled together.

Though a wide variety of cupcake decorating ideas are available, in case you are not very sure about it, you can also order cupcakes in London and then adorn them according to your wish. Here are some ideas you can use to decorate cupcakes in London:

Holly leaves: Holly leaves are simply toppers. You can cover each cake with a swirl of icing. Following it, add red, green or white decorative icing.

Ornament: You can take advantage of the round cupcakes in London to be changed into ornament. Ice these cupcakes in different colours. Use contrasting colours to add details to these ornaments. You can include swirls, dots, zigzags or stripes. The small round candies also work well in creating designs. You can place a marshmallow at the edge in order to create a hanger for ornament.

Elf: The round shaped cupcakes in London also work well for creation of elf faces. Ice cupcakes with a fresh colour tone. Also use icing in order to create nose, eyes, ears and a big smile. Fondant will work well for creating the hat of the elf. Fondants are available at craft stores and they are malleable like clay. Other Christmas characters that you can use are reindeer, Santa and snowmen.

You can also arrange the cupcakes in an order in order to give a boost to the festivity spirit. Decorate each of these cakes individually and arrange them on a tray shaped like a Christmas tree. Options that work well here include Christmas tree, Santa’s face or candy cones. Add details making use of frosting in order to make them appear bigger. You can also add sprinkles or candies to ornament your cakes. With these tips you are all set to enjoy the season.

- SweetRevengeLondon

Friday, 25 October 2013

Cake boxes are essential for bakery business

cupcake boxes

Many bakeries order some boxes to keep their creation of beautiful cakes in a proper way. But having these boxes separately can be really expensive for the bakery houses. This is the main reasons why the bakeries order the boxes as a wholesale thing. This actually allows them to have the boxes in a bulk and this fact can properly cut down the cost very considerably. The bulk order can reduce the cost of these items.

There are many suppliers of the cupcake box when these items are ordered in a bulk numbers. The venture gets specialized in catering the restaurants and bakeries with the good packaging items. Business that orders these very things have proper agreements for the timely delivery of the packaged product depends on the business level during the perfect season. At the holiday seasons more people have baked items and the cupcake box for delivering those pieces are specially needed then. For the gathering or holiday package, people also need these boxes to protect them.

Wholesale companies deliver the boxes which are able to help the bakeries decoration to attract the clients. Based on the technology that the company has, there may be huge numbers of design probability for the box. Some companies attach their logo to the cupcake boxes for their advertisement. These should be very well created as only these boxes can protect the beautifully baked item fully protected with care.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Adorable cake favours for little kids

giant cupcake

As you have to celebrate a themed party with having so many cupcakes, you need to buy other decoration instruments according to that theme also You might come across many online website that actually offer many invitation along with so many kids party favours in reasonable prices. If you really want the invitation be really special, you can even go for designing many invitation with the help of bright coloured papers, glittering accessories and many other things also. Once the invitation process get done it’s the time to think about the design and decoration of the party and the main attraction of the party i. e. a beautiful cake should be ordered with special care. You can have giant cupcake for this purpose also. The table of the piece should be also designed in that manner that will suit the decoration of the cake . Added to this, one can also add some bright accessories and coloured light to the cake for enlightened the party and the make it really gorgeous.

The giant cupcake can be a great option for celebrating any occasion of a kid. The quantity is perfect for these little tummies and these pieces can be well decorated also by little creativity. If you can browse the internet, you can get the perfect ideas to make them more attractive and loved by the people as well as the kids.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The importance of the cupcake boxes

Many bakeries order boxes for the cakes as a wholesale item. This allows the bakeries to purchase such boxes in some bulk and these can even cut down the cost in a good way. Business often charge a less cost per box when these items are being ordered in a huge amount.

cupcake boxes

There are many suppliers of the boxes for cupcakes when they are ordered in a wholesale pack.  This business sometime specializes in catering to the bakeries and the restaurants with some baked good packaging things. Businesses that order these items typically have some agreements for the periodic delivering of these packing products based on the level of business that the company gets during the season of cakes. People like to have these cupcake boxes in order to keep the cake and parties intact with all the decoration. 

We find that each bakery house has their specific style of the boxes for cupcake. This is absolutely something that many cake shop owners design and custom their boxes as they want, they can then submit the design to the manufacturer of the wholesale boxes. Box that has been decorated is often not very expensive, but ordering some hundreds more than the minimum sometime often does not cost much to add on to the ordered placed. The more attractive the design is, more the customer get returned to the shop.

Cupcake boxes can be created by the wholesale company or by the bakery shop, but it is very essential to have the right one for protecting the delicious one.

- Sweet Revenge Bakery
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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Decoration ideas for wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes online at Sweet Revenge London

Decorating the wedding cake or the cupcake must be more exceptional than decorating the traditional cake for birthday or any other occasion. You need to think about the complete detail so that the decoration can match with overall wedding theme. Here some of the decoration ideas are discussed that the cupcakes online stores can provide you also.

  • Monogram: This option is the most standard design that people work with the cupcake. At first decorate the top of the cupcake with frosting or icing. After that, create the monogram that will put you on the icing top of the cake. Make sure that the cake is quite dry before you place the monogram on the cake.
  • Flag: You can make flags with beautifying paper or buy these from London cupcake shops to decorate the top of the cupcake. You can cut the flag into many different shapes as the rectangular shape or also in square. To make the flag look more interesting, it is a skilful idea to add a printed monogram upon the flag.
  • Fondant flower: This can be good option to decorate the cake for wedding purpose what you can have cupcakes London bakery. There are many types of flowers to be used and you can pick any of the good one to match the wedding theme.
These are some unique ideas to make the wedding cake looks brilliant but if you invest little bit creativity, the cake can be the most gorgeous one.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some easy birthday cakes for kids

childrens birthday cakes sweetrevengelondon

Here some of the important types of popular birthday cakes are given as the example to celebrate the birthday in a gorgeous way.

Clown Cake: What you actually need to do at first is to bake a regular cake. Once you let the cake to get cool, you have to draw the outline of a clown on the top of the cake. The easiest way to have this is to do it on the rice paper. While the cake is being baked, you can trace the picture of the clown you want on the paper with crayon colour. After the cake gets cool just place this on top of the cake. This is considered one of the most favourite Children’s birthday cakes to the toddlers.

Castle Cake: For the little princess this item is a huge hit. You can bake the regular cake and then with your creativity icing a castle on the cake. Incorporate some ice cream cones to the creation can give it a more special touch.

Fairy Cake: You can follow the instruction of the clown cake for having a drawing on the cake. Draw a cue fairy to the cake. Just use many colours and specially the pink colour to give it a special touch.

Teddy bear Cake: This item is most loved among available childrens birthday cakes. You will have a lot fun with the one and it is great for either the boy or for the girl child. Just cut it out and you can use the brown icing to have a good decoration.

Here some of the popular designable cakes are discussed that you can take for your kids’ birthday party.

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