Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cupcake designs that will certainly floor your guests

Cupcakes london

Cupcakes are perfect as sweet treats. Regardless of whether it is a birthday party or a formal corporate event, these desserts have the capacity to enliven the mood of the party. These delicacies allow an opportunity to unleash creativity and are filled with absolute goodness. They are so popular that there are many stores for cupcakes in London and they store nothing else apart from these popular delicacies.

Unlike cakes, the cupcakes are easier to transport as well as store. Baking them is also easy since the serving is so small. Cupcakes in London are thus an inexpensive choice for weddings, birthday parties or other events. Moreover, they are a delight to decorate. Cupcakes can be designed in different ways. While mistakes are easily noticeable on cakes, remedies are possible on cupcakes. Below are some ways to decorate cupcakes in London and strike a different chord:

Flower themes: Flowers and cupcakes complement each other quite well. Much work need not be done here and the work here chiefly revolves around frosting. You can take inspiration from flowers like marigolds or roses. The idea here is to fill the tops with flowers. You will need the star shaped decorating tips and different colours like lavender, red, blue and yellow.

Winter theme: If you are holding a party in winter, you can celebrate the season with the snowflake cupcakes. They are quite easy to make and are perfect as conversation starters. You can make the snowflakes using waxed paper and then tracing shapes and filling them with melted white chocolate. You can pop them in fridge for half an hour in order to allow it to set. The refrigerated snowflakes must be placed atop pale blue icing. This can be topped with scattering of sugar before it is served.

Vintage theme: The vintage themes are quite gorgeous and the cupcakes in London should never miss out on them. Beads and lace are key characteristics here and primary colours used include pale pink, muted green, gold, silver and white.

So here were some ideas to design great cakes. Just unleash creativity and design your cake as innovatively as possible.


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