Monday, 23 December 2013

Ideas to decorate Christmas cupcakes

cupcakes London
Everyone loves Christmas and you will surely agree to the fact that decorations form a significant part of holiday season. And Christmas is nothing apart from sweet treats and baked goodies. For most, this season involves cupcake decoration. Inclination to indulge into these sweet retreats is more common during holiday season. You are sure to enjoy the quirky and artistic cupcake ideas.

Here are some ideas to decorate Christmas cupcakes in London:
  • Start by baking your preferred cupcake recipe or place an order online. Top them with white frosting add shredded coconut and then dust it with powdered sugar. 
  • Though cakes are great always, its appeal increases around the Christmas time. You can form a small Christmas present on top of each cupcake. You can use an assortment of icing colours. Use some sprinkles as well.
  • Top each available cupcake with red frosting on one side and place white on the other. Put in some mini marshmallows to separate the two colours, thereby forming the brim of the hat of Santa. Use green frosting or brown chocolate next to form the face on white side of icing. You may use round candies for nose and eyes of Santa. Thin out strips of edible goodies in order to form smiling lips of Santa.
  • The snowman cupcakes in London will also turn up a huge hit. White icing can be placed in order to form the base making it appear like snow. You can now put marshmallow and add one above as well in order to shape the body of the Snowman. Insert a toothpick now through both marshmallows in order to hold Frosty. You can use candies of your choice to hold nose and eyes right in its place. 
I am quite hopeful that these innovative tips will inspire you to come up with an artistic, fantastic and one of the best creations this Christmas.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fresh ideas to bake wedding cakes

wedding cakes

Cupcakes were more of a novel idea during weddings. Though a cupcake tower no longer poses as a daring alternative to wedding cakes, the fact is everyone loves cupcakes even today. Some fresh idea on making creative and unique cake can be checked out here.

A cupcake wins popularity even today in weddings. A trend now is to bake for more sophisticated palettes. They are not super sugary that are usually served on children’s birthday parties. With multiple upscale ingredients available now like Mexican vanilla or espresso, cupcakes now are designed to please the adult taste buds. A giant cupcake may use these ingredients as well. You can also offer an array of intriguing flavours in your wedding cupcake. For the more adventurous guests, you can also include cupcake variants that make itself available with an adventurous twist.

Another way to set your cupcake or a giant cupcake apart from the rest is by placing them in a unique fashion. Whimsical ideas are widely available here and you can opt for a style that suits your requirement. For example, if you are a bride leaning towards pink, feminine wedding gown and pearl bridal jewellery, you can opt for cupcakes that look like flowers. The little cakes are frosted in order to appear like flower blossoms. They can also double as centrepiece for wedding receptions.

Cupcakes can also be placed in a somewhat humorous arrangement. You can make the tops appear like pool balls and display them in a chocolate rack. This is a great idea for couples who prefer pool. You can also make cakes that resemble golf or tennis balls or something that your fiancé is up to. You can also use sports themed cake in place of tiered wedding cakes.

A giant cupcake is another popular wedding dessert option. You can purchase cake pans that are designed to appear like giant cupcakes. You can place each of them on reception tables. These cakes win more popularity than the standard sized options.

So, by now it must be clear that multiple options are available if you are eager to have a different type of wedding cake. Opt for the one that suits your need and have a great time.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Some ideas on baking creative kid’s birthday cakes

Birthday Cakes

So your kid’s birthday is knocking on the doors and you do not have the time to bake or decorate a cake to present. Here are some great ideas that will save time and make your cake appear professionally made fit to be served at your child’s birthday party.

You can use edible cake topper on birthday cakes for your child. The edible cake toppers are quite colourful and are fun and perfect way to make children’s birthday cake appear terrific without taking up lot of time.

Bake a cake: If you have the time required, bake a cake yourself. You can then add frosting to it and use an edible topper that goes with the theme. This is a great way to design birthday cakes for your kid. You can add up to the decorating by including theme candles, small toys, sugar theme characters and edible sprinkles. This will help to make your easy creation appear professional.   

Ready-made cakes: So you are pressed for time but need to create cake decoration by yourself. You can pick up a frosted cake from the bakery and then use edible toppers that go with the theme of the party. Here also you can add sugar characters, toys, candles or sprinkles. This will allow you to customise the cake.

Birthday cake design: Do it yourself cake decorating kits are easily available now and these kits include just everything that may be required. These kits usually include cake toppers of the given theme, sugar characters and goodies. You will definitely want birthday cakes to be exciting, fun, delicious and of course colourful. With the edible toppers and do it yourself kit, your cake is bound to wow all the guests present. And no one will be able to guess either that you have not made it from the scratch unless you want to share the secret of success.