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Friday, 13 September 2013

Unique trend of wedding cakes

Just as the bridal and groom style and fashion has become more and more reliant a layering some interesting texture and incorporating huge numbers color this very year, so have the wedding cakes . The latest and the perfect is the delicate yes mesmerizing look of ruffled and some frilled fondant- inflated even much more by some technical use of many color.

Wedding Cakes

The super soft and smooth texture of the fondant ruffles can be oriented downward or upward or even sideways that is part of what makes this method a little bit more interesting even. The look is quite different from the next, the ruffled fondant can fabric or fondant and even beautiful spectacle found in the nature.

It’s always been very much popular to add some ingredients; some fading colours those are known as ombre, to these delicately textured fondant effect. But these are being used with the fondant just as much as the Choco cream or butter cream, frosting that has a delicious, buttery flavour that guest will love and a light and fluffy texture.

The sweet dot is one of the important patterns of wedding cake that can appear on both the butter cream and fondant cake and the lace overlays are then taking the stage also. These have a typical vintage touch but quite indulgent, the expression that is very popular in every wedding season.

We will surely take the concept of wedding cake that being a part of the art one step further with the interesting emergence just the past year of all hand painted cakes. They are exclusively unique to every wedding and a piece of elegant art also that would never fail.

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