Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cake decorating ideas for wedding cakes

Choosing a nice wedding cake is one of the most essential decisions you will love to have. There are several colours, design, shapes and general kinds of wedding cakes available in the market. The best way to get one particular that you actually like is to browse through the famous book or magazines. You can then opt for conventional cakes, cupcakes, individual or any other frosted cake for wedding and also those which are based on the flavours. White celebration cakes and chocolate cakes are very much popular among the common people.

Traditional Cakes:

Conventional wedding cakes are generally covered with all royal icing or very smooth fondant icing. The royal icing provides some greater flexibility in the decoration or design. The conventional fruit cake is still very popular to the people. This type of dessert generally has a typical colour or the theme selected for the wedding.

Chocolate Cake:

Many couples are now opting for carefully crafted chocolate design or decoration on the wedding cake, including different types of chocolate drizzle, chips, icing or chips as well. With the bakers’ imagination and creativity the whole cake becomes the main focus of the wedding party. Chocolate cakes usually have one or more tiers to give it a good look also. Then it can be decorated with fruits or icing as well.


Wedding cupcake is also available in several types of colours, designs and shapes. They can be just simple or also quite dramatic to have for a grand wedding.

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