Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Top tips to prepare perfect cupcakes

There are so many things that can generally go wrong trying to bake the cupcakes, the latest craze of home baking. And can be appeared as an impossible job. But there are few fundamental norms that have to be kept in mind to ensure the cupcakes look wonderful and taste just yummy!! Here are top tips to make sure that your cupcakes will be a special treat to everyone.

•    Love the scales: Yes, it is very much true that we just love weighing scales. Ensure that you have already measured every ingredient out and keep them aside just before starting to mix them up together. Never “make up” or try with the missing ingredients.

•    Avoid over mixing:  If the batter is already mixed too much, the cakes will either be hard or not get rise. So avoid over mixing as we can not do anything with un-risen cakes.

•    Watch the time:  It is very much needed to take the cupcakes out of the oven at the specified time. If they appear little ‘pale’, do not worry it will still cook as it get cooled.

•    Keep them little cool: Place the cakes on a cooling place as soon as they are just out of the oven and let the air flow around them. This step is very much important. The cake pans can be stayed hot for quite after the baking and this can be lead to the overly cooked cakes.

•    Just eat one warm: Warm cupcakes are best at its taste. So as soon as the cake is prepared, grab one and enjoy taste at its utter prime.

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