Monday, 29 April 2013

5 important tips for baking the cake for children

It’s quite usual for the people to bake chocolate cake with the children on the occasion of these children also. You can use every kind of toppings from any sprinkles to any animal figures incorporated to the cake. They usually love eating chocolate cake and the frosting part is the most essential thing.

Childrens cakes are different in variety and tastes as well. Children love to have the cakes on the special having crafted with their memorable picture and cartoon character. Other that this, several tips are here to bake great cakes with the kids:

1.    Frosting, sprinkle and Candles: These are three ingredients those are perfect to just around you, specifically if you are deciding on decorating cakes with the young member of the family. Various colours of frosting are also available to take from the grocery shop for very low prise and make your cake an attractive one.

2.    Sparklers: For the kids who are little older, these sparklers are really funny thing to add to the children’s cake. The can give the cake a real dynamic visual effect and make the cake a gorgeous one.

3.    Marzipan: Sculpting the cake with marzipan is easier that people generally think. It can soak the colour of the food and the nutty almond flavour make the complete sculpture a funny thing to eat.

4.    Gun Past: The finest part of this gum paste is this is very much easy to work and also serve as the blank canvas for absorbing the complete colours as well.

5.    Glitter (Sugar based): This works as an added ascent on the attractive cake or cupcakes. Add a glitter to give it a sparkling effect.


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